Ben Norris


Ben Norris


Ben Norris


Ben is a highly experienced and hugely well respected stand-up. He’s been performing comedy since 1993 and is renowned for his incredibly relaxed stage persona and his innate ability to improvise as well as deliver sharply crafted material.

Other interesting facts about Ben: he’s the cousin of actor Martin Freeman and also the father of triplets (2 girls and a boy).

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“The term “circuit legend” is overused, but Norris is one of a handful that have been headlining for more than two decades and rarely departs a stage without leaving it torn to shreds in his wake. A master of the craft, this will be an hour of the most polished stand-up you are likely to see” The Guardian.

“The London-based stand-up has been touring steadily for the past two decades, and he’s developed a razor sharp act in the process ; with the notable exception of Jason Byrne, it’s hard to think of anyone on the circuit who works an audience with as much skill and flair” The Scotsman.

“He’s one of the best headliners around, Ben Norris pretty much improv-ed his way through his 20-minute set, and did so beautifully” London is

“…an acerbic attitude, a well-stocked arsenal of sharp lines and the wherewithal to work any crowd make Norris one of the more engaging and enjoyable comics on the circuit”  Chortle.

“KILLER GAGS” The Scotsman.

“Impressively dark surrealism…” Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard.

“A cast iron guaranteed headliner” London is Funny.

“Superb…a complete natural” Cape Times.

“…one of the comedy circuits best improvisers” Daily Mirror.

“…a splendidly funny live stand-up” Timeout.

“With 20 years on the clock, Norris is one of the most bankable headliners around and is a brilliant improviser” The Guardian.

Comedian quotes:

“..unbelievably brilliant” Jason Manford.

“Blokey observations, but not always what you expect. He’s an outstanding improviser, and when the comedians get together to play football he does the funniest commentary” Milton Jones.

“A wonderful disgrace of a human being” Daniel Kitson.

“Hilarious…truly a sight to behold” Ed Byrne.

“One of my most favourite comics and humans ( in that order)” Michael Smiley.

“Very very funny comedian is Ben Norris” Marcus Brigstock.

“One of the most underrated comics in the world” Christian O’Connell.



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